In preparation for what we expect to be the new normal, we spent 18 months establishing relationships, developing solutions, and validating that our advertising platform would be appropriate regardless of client size, industry, or type. For the benefit of our clients and partners we dove head first into the world of existing advertising solutions and created what we believe is a platform of solutions which is appropriate for advertising regardless of the medium (Online, Mobile, Out of Home, etc.).

We are proud to say that we are capable of detecting attributes, tracking impressions, tracking conversions, and dynamically re-marketing to consumers in an unlimited way without violating consumer privacy.



While some organizations track impressions across only some of their advertising mediums, we took the time to add and develop technology where it was needed. Now impression tracking is done in real time whether online, mobile, via brand distribution, or in places where only traditional out of home advertising is visible.



With 1st21 you know how your Brand Distribution campaigns are performing right alongside your Billboard, Digital Transit Shelter, Google Ads, and Affiliate Advertiser campaigns! We track Product or Service Sale conversions, Customer Engagement, and Referral conversions so that there is no doubt where our partners should be investing their time and resources.



Leverage real time feedback from your target market to adjust the delivery of information to your respondents. Via 1st21's scenario based workflows and processes we help our partners shape campaigns as information is received rather than days or months after the fact.



When developing our Content Management System we chose to be agnostic, rather than requiring standalone software. The benefits of going this route include not only cost savings and unlimited range for deployment, but it also provides us with a way to provide maximum return without exorbitant expense. We also are able to maintain a high-level of security and asset display tracking with no additional development effort.



In an effort to bring maximum value to Out of Home content display, 1st21 took the time to develop real time attribute recognition technology. When our technology is deployed we can now confirm the Age and Gender of all present. In addition we will soon be offering additional attributes such as Mood, Manufacturer, Make, Brand, and Style!