Fitness Center Digital Signage

If you're looking for Brand Awareness then running your ads on a network of 4,000+ Fitness Centers is the way to go! Each gym has an average of 5 screens, and members spend on average 88 minutes at each location per visit.

In the Kantar 2021 Zoom Media Audience Measurement;
Yahoo Receptivity of Emotions study 2017 is was noted 79% of gym members feel energized/happy during or after a workout, and that reaching customers in a positive mood increases the effectiveness of advertising by up to 40%! What this means is that your investment in advertising at Fitness Centers will likely be the most impactful form of advertising that you do!

Per studies done for Zoom Media by SPEAK Insights, 90% of gym members watch and/or listen to advertising at gyms, and 65% of those members are able to recall ads seen on. This is kind of impact that all advertisers are looking for, and it is in part due to the multiple times ads are run in an hour.

Below is how your ads will look at the gyms where we have the ability to place them! 

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