Community Watch | Soapy Ferret Laundromat Advertising Landing Page


 Looking to promote your services or an event to the community?

Well Soapy Ferret has now partnered with 1st21 to help businesses like yours communicate what they have to offer with Digital and Static signage!

For example, Soapy Ferret has multiple TVs which can be used to display your content! Wouldn't you love to see that!?

1st21 has been given approval to place the following content display types inside of the Soapy Ferret:

  • Wall Posters

  • Table Stickers

  • Floor Stickers

  • Circular Window Stickers, and

  • Large Banners!

Our white-glove service is designed to help you take the things that you want to promote, and convert it to visually pleasing and effective content! Once that content is created, we can help you reach thousands interested customers daily across our network of locations.

Our programs are very budget friendly because we designed them for the communities which we operate in!

Please fill out the quick form below and a member of our team will get in touch with you ASAP!