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Brand Distribution Advertising Package Review

LA Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the world, and their brand is supported by their members, who show up daily to socialize, be educated or educate, train, and compete. When a brand takes advantage of the LA Fitness Omnichannel Brand Distribution Advertising Package, they align their brand with LA Fitness' brand and elevate themselves to a level above their competition.

This exclusive program is designed to introduce, and increase awareness for brands at all of LA Fitness' high traffic locations in the U.S. and Canada. Via MSPSOS's Clutch Effects Automated Retail Platform, LA Fitness members will have the opportunity to retrieve sample products or branded bottled beverages from automated retail systems installed at over 1,200 LA Fitness centers. This includes in Self-Checkout Micro-markets, Smart Vending Machines, Coolers (with weight sensing shelves), and Smart Lockers!

Via Clutch Effects, the 1st21 Team is able to manage the distribution of products at each LA Fitness location with ecommerce-like benefits and accuracy!

In addition, Digital Screens throughout LA Fitness are available to run 15-30 second commercials. These commercials will run continuously throughout the day on dedicated screens for the Brand Distribution advertising campaigns. There is no additional cost for these commercials to run on these screens!

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The Customer Journey

  1. In order to retrieve any advertiser's products (or branded products) LA Fitness Members will be encouraged to Sign Up on the Clutch Effects Marketplace.
  2. Once signed up, members will receive credits for retrieving complimentary product located inside of the automated retail systems at LA Fitness.
  3. Upon arriving at LA Fitness where an advertiser's campaign is being run, Members will Scan a QR Code at the front desk, or on the automated retail system where an Advertiser's free products are located, and then they will be brought to that system's page on the Clutch Effects Marketplace where they can check-out with that free product.
  4. Post check-out the member will receive information about the advertiser's product, and advertiser campaign information from Clutch Effects.
  5. If the member is interested in signing up for what the advertiser is offering, or for more information, then they will be brought to that advertiser's landing page, where they will be able to sign up for additional information from the advertiser.

Once the member signs up for additional information from the advertiser, they will receive Clutch Effects Bonus Points, which can be redeemed for product on the Clutch Effects Marketplace. Members will not be able to earn Clutch Effects Bonus Points multiple times by signing up for additional information more than 1 (one) time during an advertiser's campaign.

  • It is recommended that the advertiser give each member a minimum of 300,000 Clutch Effects Bonus Points when they successfully sign up for additional information.
  • The cost for the distribution of these bonus points will be included on the following month's invoice.
  • 100,000 Clutch Effects Bonus Points is equal to $1. 

Campaign Pricing

 1st21's LA Fitness Omnichannel Brand Distribution Advertising Packages

Locations/Term (Cost is per Location)

3 to 6 Months

6 to 9 Months

10 to 23 Months

24+ Months

<10 $350 $340 $325 $305
10 to 20 $340 $325 $305 $300
21 to 35 $325 $305 $300 $290
36 to 75 $305 $300 $290 $275
75+ $300 $290 $275 $250

Rules and Requirements

  • There is a 5 Location minimum for any LA Fitness Omnichannel Brand Distribution Advertising Package
  • There is a 3-month campaign minimum for any LA Fitness Omnichannel Brand Distribution Advertising Package
  • A One-Time Campaign Setup of Fee of $499 will be due when the campaign is agreed to. If additional locations are added with the same assets, and the same products/distribution type, or if a new campaign is agreed to with the same assets, and the same products/distribution type, then this fee will not be charged again. This fee goes towards:
    • Managing the onboarding process
    • Setup of the Advertiser's complimentary Landing Page on the Clutch Effects Marketplace, and
    • Implementation of the Lead Delivery Process.
  • 1-month of Products for sampling are to be shipped to the agreed upon LA Fitness locations. Throughout the month the Advertiser will be notified of remaining inventory levels so that they can prepare for the replenishment of product inventory. The 1st21 Team will do everything in their power to ensure that inventory exists at all agreed upon locations, but it is the Advertiser's responsibility to deliver product to each location.